Cinnamon Tea and Me

I wish i could be able to describe how much i love cinnamon tea. I can have more than one cup of cinnamon tea a day. Trust me when I say cinnamon tea has a soothing and exotic taste! And it has several hidden benefits too. I just know one factor for sure…or two.

The first is that cinnamon tea acts as a digestive aid. The second, cinnamon tea reduces inflammation. I usually have a cup of cinnamon tea when i have a cold and flu.  It really helps.

I prefer the pure cinnamon tea i.e. the cinnamon quill boiled for about 3 minutes with a spoon of sugar. Others may prefer with honey. I am yet to try that. I made sure to buy a packet of cinnamon quill back home in Tanzania because i was not sure if i could get that in the town i live in here.

Easy steps to make cinnamon tea


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