Who Am I?

I have always wanted to become a blogger but I have been quite anxious and doubtful about my writing and what to post. Here I am today, writing my first blog.

Graduated at 21

I graduated at Monash University at 21 with a Bachelor of Social Sciences majoring in Geography and Environmental Sciences. I am not sure if this is a “wow” factor but i am still proud of myself. After my graduation i decided to look for a job. I got a placement working for the Government. I dont want to put my hopes high but i am still in the urge of pursuing my Masters, hopefully this year.


I am a Gemini. Now you know what that means ;-). I am enthusiastic, witty, intellectual, soft spoken and open-minded. 

A sister of many brothers

I have 7 brothers. From where i come from that may not be seen as many siblings. But where i am now, it is. I am the only girl in the family and the last born. Aha! i know what your thinking. No i am not a mama’s girl haha.

Married to a Viking

My husband decided to put a ring on it on 14th July 2016. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Yes i am married to a VIKING! PS: He is not a “real viking”, I used that term because he is Swedish.

Tea Lover

I dont only love drinking tea but i am always up to tasting different flavours. I am drinking one of my favorite tea as i write this post. Cinnamon Tea which will be in my next post. PS: Hopefully i will be sharing to you the total experience of Tea 🙂




7 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Woww, happy to read you Beyda. I like your writing style and hope to read more posts from you. I think it’s a “WOW” and hope you will do your Masters in GIS or RS. Keep us posted. Talking about Tea, You know that the Country of Thousands Hills has the best Tea in the world, remember our YALI discussions.


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