The Swedish Coupon Life

Hey readers!

Do you get excited when you see coupons in your mailbox as i do? Well not to sound silly but we do not have this in Tanzania. I do not know if we have had this system of being sent coupons in your mailbox. Maybe not. But some shops do have discounts when you buy a product. I guess this is all in every country.

Anyways, This week I opened my mailbox and I found coupons from food companies. We always receive them every week in the mailbox but i always throw the magazine that has coupons at the back, because we barely use them. But this week i decided to keep a few, you never know when I may crave for some subway or burger king.

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I would go for subway over burger king any day though. The Tuna sub is the best, currently my favorite!

I wish the Subway company in Tanzania had this system. They would attract even more customers. Not just the well off one. I mean not every individual can afford to go there just to have a Sub while they can use that same amount of money to get a full meal of Chicken, chips and a soda… and you will still have some money left.

I want to believe that in Sweden everyone is equal, equally rich. I mean you can not go hungry here especially if you receive coupons from food companies every week. Moreover, you will always get offers when you become a member in a certain company for instance h&m. A few companies in Tanzania practice this too like Shoprite, where you get points for every item you buy. But what i mean is you get a coupon worth certain amount when you just join.

After joining the club, this comes to my mailbox
I joined the plant shop too. Who doesn’t love plants? Especially when you can get them at a good rate 🙂
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So far, I have only shopped once online and i already have an online offer from h&m! Superb!

Now here is a system i never knew it existed.  So i moved to Sweden in November 2016, I had myself registered in the Swedish system and got my own personal number… very exciting yes. Day before yesterday i opened the mailbox, and i found a welcome package from hemköp ( a supermarket). The welcome package had coupons worth 225 Swedish kronor (equivalents to US$ 25 or TZS 55,000). It is not so much but still worth it. Let’s be real, you just move to a new city and you receive a welcome package from a supermarket, what other country has this system? 🙂

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PS: I have only been here for 2 months and a few weeks, who knows, i may just have to create space for coupons only. LOL!


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