The Steen’s Twisted Pizza

Yey! It is Friday. However, I am not in the mood of spending time in the kitchen to prepare food or wash the dishes and I don’t want my boys to go hungry either. So what did i do? I walked down to the supermarket, which is about 10 to 15 minutes walk. As i walk i started thinking what is the easiest food that i can prepare without spending even a minute in the kitchen. Pizza! Yes!

And here we are, my husband and I making our own twisted pizza. My plan was to put pieces of sausages on half a pizza and the other half mince meat and sprinkle onions on top on the mince meat side just how my hubby likes it. But instead he mixes the mince meat and pieces of sausages. And I sprinkled the onions on one side because Damien (our little one) and I do not eat onions, unless they are cut into small pieces that we can barely notice them.

Anyways here is our twisted pizza 🙂 It was delicious, not even a piece of meat was left.


Ps: Not all pizzas are round 😉

Happy weekend!



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