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Surviving Winter

I am that person who would surf online looking for some inspiration. This week I was looking for some winter fashion inspiration. I was amazed on the pictures I saw online and I wondered, how do people pull off fabulous styles when it is literally freezing outside. I mean I came across a lady wearing a silk short dress, cute boots and just a coat hanging over her shoulders, another lady had ripped jeans that reached to her ankle and a cute coat on top. They looked fabulous. But could I pull that off? NO!

Let us be real. I come from Tanzania, it is summer throughout the year. I have experienced winter before like 10 years ago when I first traveled to Sweden. But I was a kid back then and I remember I had layers and layers of clothing. Few months before I moved to Sweden, I traveled to Finland for work purposes and it was quite cold, but not as cold as it is now.

Oh yes I have experienced winter in South Africa too for 3 years when I was doing my Undergraduate but I still cannot compare the coldness with Sweden. I wish I moved here during Autumn maybe so I could transition well during the Winter season. Ok, back to the winter fashion.

One day i thought I could pull off a simple yet cute winter look. So I decided to wear all black and throw on a cute coat. I thought I pulled of the winter fashion look. But did I feel warm enough? Not really. I wont lie, I was a little bit cold and yet I had leggings under my jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt under my black sweater.

So I decided, this is winter. I am not going to try to be stylish or anything especially if half of my day will be spent outdoors. Forget the winter fashion inspiration and let me just try to survive the cold weather.


6 thoughts on “Surviving Winter

  1. I feel you, I also surf for inspirations but it doesn’t really help cause we’re having a -30 weather almost everyday here in Canada lol. Anyways, I like your blog. I just followed you. It would be great if we can support each other 🙂 Keep on writing 🙂


  2. I totally feel you, I have some of the ugliest socks I’ve ever seen but they’re so warm I can’t not wear them. Also if the second picture is supposed to be you not being stylish then I definitely don’t know the definition of stylish because you look good!!


    1. I also have that one pair of warm socks that i only wear when am all alone inside the house. On the second picture, I dont know i just thought it was a simple look based on so many pictures I have seen online thats why i didnt consider it as stylish but thank you so much, i feel better 🙂


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