My First Biryani in the Nordic

Today was probably one of my proudest moments in the kitchen. It was my first time preparing biryani (also known as biriani) and it was delicious!

Biryani is very popular in Tanzania especially Zanzibar, it is generally made with spices, rice and meat. The style of preparing biryani differs from country to country.

I looooooove biryani. It is among my favorite food. I usually enjoy biryani when someone else prepares it but today i just had to try to prepare it on my own, besides i haven’t come across any Indian restaurant in the town i live in.

So below are the ingredients i used:

Cooking oil, chicken, yoghurt, garlic, garam masala, salt, chopped tomatoes, potatoes, onion, saffron, lemon, tomatoes paste, rice and biryani masala.

The biryani masala contains:- cumin, cloves, ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, coriander and black pepper.

By the way I forgot to take step by step pictures but this is how i prepared it:-

  1. In a bowl, i mixed the chicken with yogurt, lemon, garlic, garam masala, salt and biryani masala and left it to marinate. ( I don’t usually measure the amount when i cook, i just estimate)
  2. While the chicken was left for marination, i placed the oil in pan at medium heat and added onions (cut in rings). I fried the onions until dark brown. Then i added potatoes to the same oil and fried until they turned brown.
  3. On the other plate of the cooker i boiled rice. Once cooked, i added saffron to the rice to give it  the orange-ish color.
  4. Then i took another pan and added a little bit of oil. Then added the chopped tomatoes. I cooked at medium heat and kept on stiring from time to time. Then I added the chicken mixture as well as the tomato paste. Once cooked, i added the fried onions and potatoes. And there you have it, chicken biryani 🙂

One can decide to mix the rice together with the chicken mixture but i prefer the chicken mixture served over the rice on a plate 🙂

Bon apetite!


Ps: I had to add a bit of the flaming hot chilli sauce.

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