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What’s in your handbag?

I am the kind of person who carries few items in the handbag. I don’t like to stuff so much in the handbag because i may start walking around lopsided or start experiencing shoulder pain.

These are the most important things i must have in my handbag every day.


1. Mobile phone – well….. simply cannot live without.

2. Earphones – Not only for listening music and whatsapp voice notes but also (sometimes) ignoring people that try to talk to me.

3. Vaseline – Because we are still experiencing the cold weather, i usually carry it around to avoid my lips looking like crocodile’s plated skin.

4. Chewing gum – No particular reason. I just like to chew gum and blow a few bubbles 🙂

5. Tissue – You never know, maybe i may need to wipe my shiny face, a dirty seat… also you never know when you will have running nose (lol)..

6. Faux glasses – My eyes get all teary whenever it’s windy so it is a must have.

7. Nude lipgloss – Because it’s my everyday shade (most of the times)

PS: I don’t carry a purse. I have 3 most important cards: bus card, atm car and ID card all attached to my phone. However when i was in Tanzania, ofcourse i had to walk around with a purse, i mean where would i keep my money? Besides most of the shops in TZ you pay by cash only.

What are your must haves?


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