Hello readers,

This is probably a late post as today is Sunday and the post is about a Friday… but who cares right? Anyways on a Friday I and my boys decided to have lunch at ODD FELLOW. It is a restaurant located in Lindesberg, just a few meters to where i live. It was my first time going to eat at that restaurant but i have past through that area couple of times. And the funny thing is i always read it as “OLD” FELLOW rather ODD. I do not know why i always do this. Even when we were inside the restaurant in my head it was still “OLD” FELLOW restaurant. Another funny thing is that majority of the people that came to eat were Old. Coincidence? Maybe not.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The buffet menu of the day was alright. It was potatoes both boiled and fried together with fish and variety of salad. Potatoes is probably one of Swedish’s staple because every buffet restaurant i go to i cant miss seeing potatoes.

The restaurant set up was good, it had quite a lot of people, i felt like we were the only “youngings” in there.

Anyways it was a good day eating outside of the usual place that is home although the menu was potatoes lol.

How was your weekend though?


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