Vårdagar is a Swedish term meaning spring day.

It is my first time experiencing the spring season and i am loving it so far. I feel more alive now than when it was winter season. One thing i am enjoying is the heat. I have been longing for the heat for awhile. Don’t blame me, i come from a country where it is summer all year. The funny thing is that ever since spring season has started, I have been out trying to soak in the sun and feel the heat through my skin. This is something i would not do if i were in Tanzania (i.e. purposely seat outside just to soak in the sun) because it is hot every day so you get used to heat and of course the sun burns when you are outdoors for long…

Another thing I am enjoying is that I can finally wear the clothes I came with from home and open shoes!!!


But one more important thing is the mother nature… oh mother nature.. you are perfectly beautiful.


Happy spring day!!


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