Signs that Spring has arrived!

Most of us have been anxiously waiting for spring’s arrival…

In my previous post, I stated that it is my first spring in the nordic and it feels amazing to see the difference in the environment and people’s way of life transitioning from one season to another. Apart from rising of the sun and having long hours of daytime, here are the few possible signs that I definitely know that spring is finally here 🙂

Boating season

I have seen quite a number of boats popping up over the city’s waterway. I however managed to capture boats on the dock.

The bike-life

I am not a hardcore cyclist but I would not even bother cycle during winter with all the snow and slippery surface. But with spring, yes spring, i cycle almost every other day. It feels good too as there are more people cycling out on the streets. The only annoying thing is that sometimes the bike lanes can be busy or you may not even have space to put your bike on the bike rack.


Flowers have bloomed

Flowers have popped up almost everywhere.


Fairs and events

A range of events have been happening ever since the season started. I managed to catch the car show event because it was happening near the place i live in.


Green scenery

Doesn’t the green scenery just give you life? 🙂


There are many more signs out there one can see. Honestly, spring is probably the most beautiful time of the year and a welcome relief from the long months of winter.


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