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A new restaurant in town: Zaman Al Sham


I am always ready to try a new restaurant in the area i live in. Zaman Al Sham is a new restaurant in town. By the name you can guess what type of restaurant it is…. Middle Eastern! Yes you got that right! (That’s if you were really trying to guess).

Anyways, the restaurant have variety of food displayed. I think everyday is a different buffet menu. It opened mid May this year and I have already been there twice. Their food is amazing. The menu mostly consists of middle eastern food and some of continental food.




The buffet menu costs 89 SEK for adults and 69 SEK for children. I think that is a reasonable price as the meal comes with a drink of your choice (which can be found in their fridge of course) img_2718-e1496506980153.jpgas well as ice cream or coffee if you want.

The place is also quite spacious with some middle eastern decor and a small room for children to play.

I would probably give it a five star and i hope their food will make me come back for more. 🙂



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