A day at the lake…

I am new to the sport of fishing. I mean i like to eat fish but going out there to catch my own fish? I am not sure if i am up for it.


But one thing i can say is, i do enjoy the act of catching a fish. What i mean is that excitement of watching someone else catch the fish and seeing the tap-tap-tap kind of sound on the water as the fish tastes the worm or rather gets stuck in the hook as it was trying to eat the worm…


Anyways, yesterday i went fishing at a lake with family and friends. Fishing at a lake does not require much experience. Maybe someday i can try to catch my own fish. Maybe!

So before we went to the lake we had to collect worms. Let me remind you that i have a fear of those tingling creatures. I get goosebumps when i see one. Don’t ask me why though LOL.

Later that evening, we were able to catch a fish!! It was a a regnbåge (rainbow fish) which belongs to the family of salmon. We did manage to catch some little ones too but because they were small we had to throw them back in the water.

After that, of course we had the fish smoked! It was delicious!


PS: We had to bring some drinks with us as well as sausages to make hotdogs. It was a great fishing experience for me.


How did you spend your weekend?



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