Celebrating midsummer

First i knew that there was a particular day whereby daytime remains continuous for 24 hours, this day is called midsummer. It is when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky.

What I never knew was how midsummer is one of the important holidays here in Sweden. Well, now i know. It is probably the next important holiday after Christmas, more important than the national day if i may say. The celebration of midsummer comprises of never-ending lunch party formula that involves flowers on the hair, dancing around a pole, singing songs while drinking. And of course downing a whole load of pickled herring served with delightful potatoes, chives and sour cream. All in all, a grand day out.

How i celebrated midsummer 🙂

Yesterday, 24th of June was midsummer. It is my first time experiencing the celebration. I celebrated midsummer with family friends. There was a lot food; potatoes both boiled and baked, chicken, lax, seal, potato salads as well as chocolate and strawberry flavored cake. There was also plenty of drinks; both alcoholic and non alcoholic.

I also learned to play a new game called kubb. The easiest way to explain is throwing wooden sticks to hit other wooden sticks. It is easy to play, all you need to be able to do is aim (ps: I uploaded a short video for you to see how kubb is played).

But one thing I probably did not enjoy is the actual experience of midsummer. It was cloudy throughout the day and it rained during the night. By the time it was 11pm it was pretty dark. I did not see the ‘continuous daytime’ at all. But all in all it was a fun gathering. I hope i will get to experience it the next year (God willing).




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