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Nyama Choma Weekend in the Nordic

One sad part about moving to the Nordic is that i had to cope with the new life changes. However lucky me i have relatives living in Sweden but in another city. My relatives are 2 hours drive away from me. But because I don’t own a car I have to travel by train which takes me more than 2 hours because of the transit stops and having to change to a bus sometimes. It makes the trip quite long and depressing. Anyways, last week i visited my relatives. They live in Stockholm. I had a wonderful time. It is always wonderful hanging out with family members. They make me not miss Tanzania so much when i am around them.

Last weekend we decided to roast meat i.e. nyama choma. There was some old school music and drinks flowing. I felt alive! Honestly! I mean it is my first nyama choma ever since i moved to Sweden!

img_3365.jpg  img_3364.jpg  img_3358  img_3371.jpg

That’s all folks 🙂


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